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Reviews by Readers for Readers!
Remembered and Rekindled
Tamera Alexander
What did you think?
Great books! Couldn't put then down.
Kay Hooper
What did you think?
Jessie works for Haven a special crime unit. Where people with psychic abilities use there abilities to help catch monsters like serial killers. Jessie grew up in Baron Hollow, North Carolina, a quiet town. With her younger sister Emma. Something horrible happened to Jessie when she was seventeen and she ran away.Now she has come back to try to unblock those memories, she has been having dreams where bits and pieces of her memories are coming back to her. Emma has been having night terrors. Visions of women being tortured to death night after night. Emma hopes now that Jessie has come home maybe they can become closer. But Jessie is always off hiking , investigating, trying to remember what happened that night when she was seventeen. Unknown to her there is a serial killer living and working in Baron Hollow, he also has psychic abilities. Haven sends in someone under cover to help Jessie. But Nevarro and Emma have a past. Navarro's ability is to find the dead and murdered. When he finds the latest victim with out her head. He reports to Haven police. Will he be able to help Jessie and Emma catch a serial killer or will one or both of them pay the ultimate price death.I will say up until the end i thought the killer was someone else.A real page turner keeps you in suspence beginning to end .I look forward to reading more Kay Hooper books.