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(Infants - entering 6th grade)
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  • 15 hrs. - Program Certificate ; Reader Ribbon ; Sponsor Coupons
  • 30 hrs. - Rubber Ducky ; Pencil ; New Book ; Ringling Bros. Circus ticket ; Chance to win a 2016 SPLASH Family Season Pass
  • 40 hrs. - Invitation to the Mayor's Super Reader Ceremony

Julie always a brighter tomorrow
Megan mcdonald
What did you think?
This is a american girl book it has different storys to it on the way u will have to pick wich story leads u to and see what happens its a 136 page book i think its a very intresting its about a girl and her parents get divorced and her and her sister fight about it when she finds this mood ring that takes her into the past she looses it so she looks and looks for it but she cant find it i cant tell u the rest of the story because YOU have to read it i hope u enjoy this book i hope u like it????????
What did you think?
A young girl, who has just moved to her parents' hometown, realizes that she has come home after the African American emancipation celebration of Juneteenth, a popular TEXAS tradition. (JUNE 19TH)