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Summer Events
No Events Currently Scheduled

The program has not started yet but will begin on Friday, May 30, 2014.
Messages from the library
Registration begins May 30th, 2014.

First day to collect prizes, June 6th
Last day to register, July 25th
Last day to log time, August 1st
Last day to collect prizes, August 8th

Thank you for reading with us!

Babies & Preschoolers
Registration= FREE Book

10 literacy activities= Growth Chart or Choice of Coupon
20 literacy activities= Book
30 literacy activities= Stickers or Ticket
40 literacy activities= Bonus Book

Kindergarten-5th Graders
Registration= FREE Book

6 hours= Choice of Coupon
12 hours= Book
24 hours= Choice of Ticket
36 hours= Bonus Book & Colorado Rapids Soccer Voucher

Prizes are available while supplies last.
Some prize eligibility dependent upon participant's age.

Pizza Coupons= All ages
Wow Museum Discount Coupon= 6 years old and younger.
Rec Center Pass Coupon= 2 years old and older.
Lakeside Tickets= 2 years old and older.
Elitches Tickets= 4 years old and older.
Rapids Tickets Vouchers= 6 years old and older.