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Book Title (Not Required)
the Bees
Author (Not Required)
Laline Paull
Book Review (Not Required)
"Accept, Obey, Serve" is the internalized anthem of the hive that is the world of this wildly imagined novel. An odd bee from from the lowest caste in her civilization is consumed with curiosities and passions that would normally be denied her. Despite punishment and constant threat of death, Flora 717 persists in following her own deepest instincts and challenging a status quo that might well be her own people's undoing. I picked this book up late yesterday afternoon and finished it at 1:00 a.m. this morning. It flowed perfectly. A little bit of knowlege of apiculture would make immersion in this mezmerizing society more satisfying but isn't necessary--the writer provides great clarity.
Book Title (Not Required)
The Great Leader
Author (Not Required)
Jim Harrison
Book Review (Not Required)
While categorized as a mystery, this novel is a character study of a recently retired Michigan police detective who struggles with alcoholism, failing and inappropriate relationships, and the physical and mental losses of aging. Fortunately, the writer successfully leavens these heavy issues with a fairly constant stream of self-deprecating humor and vigorous intellectual debate about the nature of humankind, our telling of history, and the value and uses of our natural environments. To catch an evangelistic scam-artist/ cultleading pedophile, ex-detective Sunderson travels from Michigan's upper peninsula to Arizona, then Nebraska. The end of this bawdy, passion-driven narrative is a quick, but satisfying twist.
Book Title (Not Required)
The Sound of a Wild a Snail Eating
Author (Not Required)
Elisabeth Tova Bailey
Book Review (Not Required)
This sweet and moving piece of non-fiction is both nature writing at its best and the remarkable memoir of a woman struck down by a mysterious autoimmune disorder. This young woman rapidly goes from hiking in European mountains to lying helplessly in a bed for a very long time. While bedridden she begins the very close and acute observation of a garden snail accidently brought inside with some wood violets provided by a friend. Did you know snails have over 1,000 teeth? From Aristotle to modern mollusca researchers, this writer provides deep sourcing of snail facts and minutia. In the middle of the night, when she cannot sleep, she can hear her little snail munching; this piece of writing is equally fascinating and beautiful.
Book Title (Not Required)
Memory of Water
Author (Not Required)
Emmi Itaranta
Book Review (Not Required)
In a world suffering from a severe shortage of fresh water, seventeen-year-old Noria Kaitio studies to become a tea master like her father--a traditionalist with very demanding ethics. Our polar ice caps have melted, continents are mostly submerged, most people live at a subsistence level, and most areas are controlled by military forces that ration all available precious water reserves. Noria must make choices about what adult path she will take, what secrets she will keep, and what relationships matter most. While the post-apocalyptic theme is very evident, the real story lies in Noria's coming of age. Her voice is poignantly haunting. This award winning debut novel was first published in Finland.